Write 6 pages with APA style on Raise the Red Lantern 1991. On the other hand, men provided care-free lives to women because they wanted women to serve them well. This situation is similar to the relationship between the authorities and the citizens during the old feudal period in China. This is attributed to the fact that autocratic governments do the same thing to their people. This paper shall demonstrate how women behave in order to adapt and survive in this feudal society. Therefore, we shall base our analysis on women characters in the film, Raise the Red Lantern.

The film, Raise the Red Lantern demonstrates the perspective and reaction of five different women in the four-section compound under their husband and master’s restraint. The five women exhibit different characteristics in order to survive in a competitive environment. All of them are struggling to win their husband’s he

The film begins with Songlian, the leading lady in the movie talking to her stepmother about her intended marriage to Master Chen. Unlike other mistreat&nbsp.in order to be considered the favorite wife. This is because the most preferred woman in the household receives a lot of attention and respect from the servants. Additionally, she enjoys small favors such as having massages and being lit for the red lantern,&nbsp.Songlian is a young undergraduate student who cannot pursue her education further since her stepmother cannot afford her tuition fees. For this reason, she chooses to be Master Chen’s fourth mistress. Her decision to marry Master Chen depicts her as a traditionally educated woman who accepts her destiny and surrenders herself to the traditional power. Songlian is also a curious and pure woman at the beginning of the movie. When Songlian first comes to Master Chen’s mansion, she finds that there are several strange customs. For example, wives need to eat at a specific dining room and wait at the center of the mansion during the afternoon for Master Chen to decide which wife he will spend the night with.&nbsp.

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