I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Realities of Climate Change. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Evidently, many nations notwithstanding have their increased GDPs tracing back to the ideology of either foreign or localized trips. The present-day arena has evidenced attributed to features of this tremendously growing industry that involve managing of events and the aspect of hospitality. Further, it is eminent to outline the commercial activities relating to hospitality such as theme reserves, managing events, transportations, lodge responsibilities, and cruise lines (Clayton, 2009, p. S3). Additionally, managing an event is purely the use of ideas that embrace the way professionals manage projects. For instance, managing projects entail the structuring of an event on a large-scale stance, which makes use of the legal bashes, festivities, conferential sessions, ceremonial gatherings, and performances among others. Moreover, postulates from renowned researchers and analysts have pointed out that both local and international trips coupled with hospitality affect the global change of the climate (Pang, 2013, p.5). Therefore, the essay explores the ever-changing context of the travel industry encompassing the management of events and hospitality that adds to the change of the climate.

In the modern context, both national and international explorations have profoundly evolved (Page & Connell, 2009). The ever-fluctuating geographies in the universe explicitly elucidate this kind of evolution (Azarya, 2004, p. 949). Regarding the varying topographies of traveling, numerous elements have largely managed to contribute toward the phenomenon. Essentially, these factors trigger changes in either climate thus affecting the environment negatively or positively (Fairley, Ruhanen, & Lovegrove, 2015, p.2). In the first instance, these factors relate to the way in which numerous contributions emanate from the travel stakeholders, the hosting government, and the innovations emerging in the destination realms.

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