Need an research paper on aggregate demand curve and aggregate supply curve. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Macroeconomics is related with the performance, structure, and behavior of the economy as a whole and it is concerned with analyzing the underlying factors of the main aggregate trends in the economy with respect to the total output of goods and services, inflation, unemployment and international transactions. Macroeconomics not only concern what determines production, consumption, unemployment, and income but also concerned with understanding why and how these variables change over time.

The performance of the overall economy is a significant concern for everyone in the economy because it influences the income, prices and job prospects as well as more substantial concern for the government and policy makers to understand how the macro-economy works. Inflation, unemployment and economic growth are the very basic indicators of macroeconomics that in turn influence the political and social systems in a country because these indicators are widely considered in political events and election campaigns.

As an economy performs well, the macroeconomic management can be said to be successful as it will experience low unemployment and inflation. When macro-economy performs poorly in a country, the country experiences more unemployment and as a result poor standard of living as well. In order to understand how different variables affect the economy as a whole, aggregate demand and aggregate supply model are used. In microeconomics, demand and supply are well understood and widely accepted frameworks to look at particular industries, but the aggregate demand and aggregate supply models are not as perfect as in microeconomics. This piece of research work presents detailed analysis of the aggregate demand curve and aggregate supply curve and examines significant factors that influence both the aggregate demand and aggregate supply.

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