Need an research paper on li-ion battery energy storage system. Needs to be 74 pages. Please no plagiarism. Specific objectives of the study were: to review Li-ion battery technology. to review characteristics of Li-ion battery technology in electric vehicles. to analyze energy storage systems for second use application from Li-ion batteries used in electric vehicles, and to analyze the electricity demand in New South Wales, and warehouse storage facility to supply electricity to the grid during peak demands.

Li-ion battery technology has undergone rapid development since its emergence in 1991. Demand from medical, industrial, automotive, and military applications continue to drive the development of Li-ion battery technology. Li-ion cells are designed as a cathode with thin layers, separator, and anode rolled up in a cylindrical mandrel, with electrolyte in the gaps. The battery is made up of modular design with 6 to 12 cells packaged to form a “module.” Li-ion batteries have gained momentum as green technology and considered safe. Specific requirements for Li-ion batteries include lightweight, compact, and able to operate in a wide range of temperatures. Lithium, being the metal with the lowest density, highest energy-to-weight ratio, and the highest electrochemical potential is the material of choice for making batteries. Electric vehicles with advanced Li-ion batteries could achieve 400 to 480 km range. Based on current technology, an advanced BEV would cost approximately $10,200 more than the conventional car.

An energy storage system has been designed using recycled Li-ion batteries used in electric vehicles. The performance of the system has been analyzed for batteries with different levels of usage ranging from 60 percent. A maximum of 1400 cycles could be derived from recycled batteries, with 440 Wh till the end of life (340Wh), over a period of four years. The system could be charged in a warehouse facility during off-peak hours, and supply energy to the grid during peak demands.

The electricity demand increases from 08:00 and peaks at 18:00 every day in New South Wales. The average demand exceeds 10,000 during peak demand.

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