Need an research paper on technology essential for aircraft maintenance. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. It has further developed to become a precious diagnosis tool for aircraft maintenance people. This has helped to save the time for fault location and in turn, reduced the effective time aircraft is on the ground for maintenance (, N.D.).

Due to fatigue and corrosion of the airframe structure, the effects of aircraft aging increased the likelihood of crash and damages. The sustained safe operations of the commercial aircraft depend on the ability to foresee required changes in the inspection and maintenance procedures to compensate for the aging process. There was a belief that commercial aircraft are designed for endless life with proper maintenance. But this confidence to correctly maintain older aircraft considerably reduced since the failure of the Aloha Airlines 737 fuselage in 1988. The FAA constituted the National Aging Aircraft Research Program (NAARP) to tackle this reduced public belief in the airline’s ability to properly maintain the older aircraft. The aim of the plan is to ensure the sustained airworthiness of the commercial aircraft through upgrading equipment, techniques, practices, and procedures in aircraft and engine design, repair, maintenance, and inspection (DTIC, 1991).

Aging of commercial aircraft has become a most important issue since a lot of older aircraft attain their design life. Aircraft industry worldwide and especially NASA and Federal Aviation Administration have already accomplished important methods to evaluate and monitor the aging aircraft, giving importance to corrosion of material, fatigue damage, and nondestructive testing methods. This will help to build up enough and correct scientific knowledge such as the aging issues and can be considered in the future design process. The capability to know and foresee aging processes can have immediate implications for dealing with existing aircraft. To understand the response of materials for long time exposure in aircraft structures service conditions, a basic knowledge of the physical occurrence related to damage and failure has to be developed. This can be done only by experimental materials classification and advancement of the related mathematical and computational models.

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