Need an research paper on the burning man. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Instead, they find a work in progress in which they too have to participate in order to complete the various structures. Participants are transformed from passive consumers to active ‘prosumers’ who produce as well as consuming instead of just consuming (Gdmez, 2013). The principles that engulf the activity include radical inclusion, participation and immediacy in a community or city and where everyone feels at home. In fact, the first message that one sees when going to the site or their website is the message welcome home. Everyone feels at home in the community that is established in the desert. It is a home away from home where the participants and the burner community are welcomed to a “city in the desert, a culture of possibility, a network of dreamers and doers”. They help the participants achieve this objective by making the participants in making the structures by collaborating with each other. The logo of the event is an outline of a man called simply the man. The participants work in the blazing hot sun to build this man and many other frameworks just to burn them all down after the event is over. The no. of people who participate in the event is shown in figure 3. People come from all over America and the world in order to attend the festival.

Rather than any other festival where people visit the festival just to consume, the unique aim and objective that acts as the guiding light to the burning man event is the idea of radical inclusion. The event aims to instill in its participants a set of community values where they are not merely spectators but participants to the event. In order to be able to achieve this objective, the participants are encouraged to take part in a variety of participatory events and frameworks, form part of the participatory decision making and work together collaboratively to build an entire city in the desert.

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