Need an research paper on the genre of horror. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. The horror film has existed for as long as the films have been around, for about 100 years now, since humans have been fascinated with ghostly or shadowy visions and imaginations since the introduction of films themselves. The horror film allows viewers to connect with, and to experience the unknown and to fear the implausible. in that case, the whole idea of watching a horror film is to experience the thrill of being in a scary world without really being in danger. The plot of a horror film usually revolves around an invasion or arrival of an evil force, person or event that is shocking or terrifying and its characters are often mythological beings such as flickers, monsters, and zombies. the horror film is often ridden with viciousness and bloodletting.

The horror film is often referred to as a reactionary genre because it is solely about human fears and the human search for normalcy in a bizarre world. the irrational forces of chaos or horror that pervade the genre must be defeated for the state of normalcy to be restored (Hutchings 2013). This explains why a vast majority of the horror films invariably end with the traditional return to normalcy script when the shocking or terrifying monster has been dealt with and defeated completely. Prior to the development of the horror film genre, folktales were ridden with evil characters, and other stories of witchcraft, ghosts, as well as myths and fables, were told around fires at night in most communities. The earliest horror films were cast in the gothic style (Gilbert 2008), thus, they were set in scary old mansions or castles and in shadowy locations. the characters in these films were the unknown, odd creatures such as vampires and ghosts, among other monstrous creatures. Since time immemorial, people have always used their imaginations to visualize ghostly forms.

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