Need an research paper on the relationship between cultural identity and interpersonal relationship. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The policies on the exchange of manpower among different nationalities promoted by the shortage of skilled manpower in many countries have led people to migrate culturally diverse environments resultantly forming culturally diverse societies. International educational opportunities are also increasing the possibility of multi-cultural societies. The objective of this essay is to critically analyze the relationship between cultural identity and interpersonal relationship.

The modern-day societies are found to have complex natures and much diversity in their inter-personal relationship attitudes. Although this may vary from person to person, the range of diversity is much high with reference to the multicultural societies which includes people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Christopher & Diana (1996, p75) have mentioned seven cultural identities pertaining to concerning to the human relationships including time, space, odors, frankness, the intimacy of relationships, values, and expression of emotions.

When a person or a group from a particular culture would insist on punctuality, others from the different part of the globe would not pay much importance for time. To meet the deadlines and to use time most effectively would be a high priority for people from some specific cultural groups. On the other side, time is taken into consideration in a more relaxed way in some other cultures. The complexity would occur when it comes to the linkage and relationship between people from these cultural groups. For example, if two people from different cultures decide an appointment for a meeting and if when one of them considers adhering with the timings previously fixed, the other comes for meeting few minutes late. this can lead to severe confusions in the relationship.

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