Need an research paper on the role of women in latin american history. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. Thus, when it comes to perceiving essential features of civilization and the contribution of people in the inculcation of such features from socio-cultural perspectives, the importance of literature and films has been highly acknowledged by scholars. Mainstream literature and films, both focus on the lives of individuals under different circumstances within a particular domain of socio-cultural existence. Consequently, such representation helps to a considerable extent in understanding how the lives of people were affected due to changing trends of their social existence and how they have responded to such changes.

The changing face of Latin American culture from a socio-cultural perspective encompasses within its broad scope several issues that have claimed a great deal of attention from social scholars and historians. Historically considered as a major platform for certain most prosperous ancient civilizations in world history, the Latin American civilization later on become a center of imperialist aggression. Foundations of its socio-cultural traits were also affected considerably due to internal political conflict, civil war, dictatorship and Cold War. Historical documents provided an impression of all these aspects in a mere factual way but the magnitude of individual suffering was properly elevated through mainstream literature and films as these two mediums of Art actually emphasized over the fact that to which extent lives of common Latin American people were affected by socio-cultural metamorphosis. Artistic creations of Maria Luisa Bemberg and fictions of Manuela Gorriti are subjects of extreme importance in this context as both these artists have documented the role of women and different races within the transforming domain of Latin American culture.

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