Need help with my writing homework on Rhapsody in Blue. Write a 1500 word paper answering; While traveling on a train, Gershwin was inspired by the rattle sound effects as the train moved along the rails. Gershwin worked towards conceiving the composition using these sound effects. The intent behind the musical was to allow lovers of Jazz music to enjoy symphony and opera by making music simple and essay to understand. Rhapsody in Blue was performed with Gershwin playing the piano. It was composed in a rush as the idea to change American music was in danger of being stolen ( Hays 2). Due to the urgency, Gershwin left the pages for solo piano and orchestra open and only wrote them afterward. The piece is essentially a combination of ideas combined together in varying rhythms so as to trigger emotions and consequently attract audiences. It features convectional and corny tunes and has a sentimental and harmonic melody. The musical was a jazz concerto aimed at opening the musical world to modern music. After its premiere, the piece quickly rose to change American jazz music to a symphonic inventory. It received responses critics but won public acclaim for transforming American music.

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