Write 8 pages thesis on the topic risk workshop and risk register. However, the risk workshops cannot be conducted successfully without a prior pre-workshop activities plan. Hence following are the fundamental pre-workshop activities for the Advanced Security System Project.

Timing and design: The timing and design for the overall workshop have to be decided at this stage. It will be a two-day workshop starting from 9 am-5 pm (day 1) and 9 am-3 pm (day 2). The workshop design will include: confirming the core project objectives, rules, risk identification, analysis, explanations, assessment, risk categorization, and development of responses.

Arrangement of equipment and facilities: These would include workshop or conference hall, comfortable seating arrangement, a multimedia system for display of presentation, stationery, and the recommended tools suggested by the board of directors. Moreover, the availability of refreshments is also necessary.

Methodology: The two-day workshop will be based upon the Access Organizational Readiness Report and the Risk Management Plan. Threats and opportunities from previous models that are consistent with the current project progress will be identified. Then the overall objectivities will be discussed along with the necessary steps required to be taken for evaluations and analysis. Thereafter the final recommendations and responses will be made.

Certification: The workshop will end with the quality certification for the project Advanced Security System. This would be an important step in encouraging the working team while motivating people towards betterment.

2. Prepare a risk workshop agenda based on Sample Agenda for a First Risk Assessment / Two – Day Risk Workshop (Appendix B of the Hillson and Simon text). Include suggested time intervals for each activity and justify why each agenda item is relevant for this case.

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