Need an research paper on risks associated with surf holidays tourism project. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. This will be linked to the rating changes in the website and any slight mistake or change of weather reflected on the site will cause unprecedented damages that will not only remain local but international due to the character of the activity.

Unavailable model or system that accurately forecasts weather. The current models for weather forecasting use computer programs that produce meteorological information for certain locations and altitude for future times (such as the one below) using a set of equations to predict the future of the atmosphere. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (2007) suggested that data collected in spaced observations are assimilated to provide objective analysis methods used for forecasting and this is called primitive equations. It was noted that time step for global climate models require an order of tens of minutes while regional models require a few seconds to a few minutes (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, 2007).

The marine forecast or MAFOR is the closes that the project manager will consider on this instance as wind direction and speed, wave periodicity and heights, tides and precipitation may be predicted (Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping, 2008).

High risk of weather change – Despite the presence of various models, the atmosphere will remain chaotic and that minimal changes of its present state impacts change of the atmospheric future (Direct and Inverse Modelling in Environmental End-to-end Prediction, 2011). Even the perfect forecasting models indicate chaos so that prediction of weather remains elusive at much beyond few days.&nbsp.

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