I will pay for the following article Rooms Division Operations Management. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. To deliver effective services and responsibilities, the hospitality business requires having responsible, active, educated and highly skilled staff, managers and supervisors. For a successful hospitality business and effective and well-balanced room division management is essential. Room division operations vary from hotel to hotel and are closely related to the size and type of hotel and its services. There are a number of hotels that are offering different levels of accommodation and room division management is responsible to provide effective and acceptable services according to the level chosen by guests/customers.

Hilton hotels and resorts is an international chain of hospitality business offering food and accommodation facilities to its visitors/guests and it is a flagship brand of the hospitality industry across the globe. The chain was founded in 1919 and today it has more than 530 hotels and resorts under this brand name in 78 countries. Its worldwide chain is using almost all types of hospitality categories and hence its hotels and resorts are owned by, franchised, managed by and operated by independent operators. The Waldorf Hilton, London is one of the favorite places of the visitors and guests in London. The hotel is located in Aldwych, London, UK and is one of the favorite places to stay at many people. The head of the room division of Hilton hotels and resorts worldwide is Mr. Rob Palleschi (Hiltonworldwide).

Rules and regulations are usually set by the government of a country in order to ensure the smooth, fair and effective operation of a business. Rules and regulations are a set of principles recognized by the law of a country for a particular business or industry. The Waldorf Hilton hotel is located in London therefore, the rules and regulations that the hotel and its room division operations are obliged to impose by the European government. The laws laid by the European government.

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