Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on safety and security in airports Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Air travel is a key contributor to tourism across the world. This is because the largest number of tourists rely on air travel to reach their preferred destination. Therefore, safety and security in airports are paramount for the smooth running of tourism sectors in all regions of the world that are considered as tourist destinations. Many factors pose significant threats to the safety of airports. Therefore, airport security and safety is of greater concern than any other security. Passengers and air cargo are the two main entities that pose the highest threat to the security and safety of airports. Passengers are considered a serious threat due to the increased number of terror activities occurring in airports (Sweet 2009, p.13).

Terrorists target airports largely because of the social and economic damage that can arise once an airport has suffered a terror attack. The 9/11 terror attack motivated all leading airports to pay keen attention to improving the security and safety systems. Terrorists targeting airports are indistinguishable from passengers or authorized airport personnel. Airports being open, public environments that are visited by millions of people, their security and safety are always in question. Furthermore, the anonymity of people visiting airports compromises the ability to identify people posing security threats (Bloom 2010, p.22).

Apart from terrorism, other factors that pose a threat to the security and safety of airports include crime, airborne diseases such as avian flu, natural disasters associated with climatic changes, substance abuse, civil wars, strikes, and corruption. Air travels to African countries are classified as the most insecure compared to those of other continents. Many African nations are undergoing political transitions that are accompanied by acts of violence. In addition, economies of most African nations are not yet stable.

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