You will prepare and submit a term paper on Safety in Nuclear Industry. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. The safety guidelines, however, should not be dealt with as rules and regulations, rather as goals towards which the management system has to work to ensure proper and effective applicability (Haddon 2009: 165). Moreover, there is no predefined set of laws that could be implemented in an organization for safety purposes. each company and each project initiated by that company has specific and different needs that should be met so that proper safety coverage can be provided (Haddon 2009: 165). This is especially true for the nuclear storage site, as it is a highly technical project and has very specific details to it. Therefore, a customized Safety Case would have to be developed for this project. The scope of the Case would be determined by the nature of the project. the financial, human, technical, and managerial resources that are at the disposal of the organization. and the goals and scope of the project with regard to its period of operation and the different processes that it would operate (Legislation 2003). To quantitatively determine the scope, information regarding the precise processes of the project would be required, as safety measures according to those processes would have to be then developed.

Documentation for Safety Case: According to the Man (S) Org Study published in 1994 (Haddon 2009:169), there are certain requirements that need to be documented in the Safety Case by the operator in order to write an effective and authentic report according to the FSA requirements (Haddon 2009:165). This section of the research paper identifies the documentation that need to be produced by the operator in order to write a proper Safety Case for the nuclear reactor fuel storage site.

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