Write 13 pages with APA style on Scandinavian Contemporary Drama. There is extensive empirical evidence supporting drama as a Scandinavian context genre with extreme dominance as well as the value of the genre including the Scandinavian and national cinema cultures in wholesome. It includes the main achievements limiting the success of such films in the genre. The primary drama crossing the Scandinavian borders is the field of focus. In previous documentation, there were dramas in the Norwegian top cinema listings from 2002 to 2006. It includes a drama for young people and children. The remaining films comprised of comedy and animation pictorials (Nestingen & Elkington, 2005). The same is echoed across Sweden having a good number of films belonging to drama categories while accompanied by one comedy and a thriller. The Swedish films launched in Denmark tend to take drama as a major component even though the ratio minimal and is one of the things under repetition with respect to the Norwegian films. While it belongs to the Norwegian films in Swedish films launched in Norway, the ideology turns blurred because Norwegian films in general viewed in Sweden are not good performers. At the top Norwegian films, there are dramas and dominating the release numbers, and the audiences concerned.

The other significant factor in adjusting to Scandinavian film quality is the need for closer analysis for particular film festivals. As seen, the reports on festival systems continue to attract growing importance across the Scandinavian countries. It is currently having stronger international profiles as well as clearly diverse genre profiles. The studies of the respective roles for the foreign exchange festivals and film sale are because of festival performance and participation clearly showing an impact. It reports on the study of the major genres for Scandinavian cinema: comedies, drama, films for children, and young (CY-film, such as animation) as well as other filming genres of horror.

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