Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Searching for a Better Life. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Most of the people have been seeking shelter in this country. My research will enable you to understand the reason for such a choice.

My research proposes to achieve such goals: to interview three persons who immigrated to the USA from different countries of the world. to understand the reasons for their migration. I expect to clarify the reasons for the choice of a new destination of the immigrants and the background of their motherlands whether those provided them with the reasons to flee. My research will state the above-mentioned reasons and formulate the background for immigration at the end of the work.

Methods of research paper: the primary method I will use is interviewing three persons-immigrants to the USA. the second method will be an analysis of the information received in the process of interviewing.

As the interview supposes a dialogue builds on the questions and answers speaking model, it is logical to clarify questions of which kind will be put to the interviewees. Naturally, the supposed primary question would be “why did you decide to flee”, but this research will concern itself with the broader subject matter, and the questions put to the interviewees will be: why did you choose namely the USA. what made you flee: the situation in your motherland, level of its economic development or any other reasons. could you name which positive and negative experience you have had while being in the USA.

The first person to interview is a student from Uganda, Mbogo Okate. He is about to graduate from university, and he is far from coming back home. The reasons that he has given us for this are the following. Like many countries in Africa, Uganda represents a country with the standards of living and economic development that are lower than the world’s average ones, and there are difficulties with a job offer and salary amount. Mbogo admitted also that now the situation in Uganda’s society is much tensed, and many people recall previous conflicts with the Democratic Republic of Congo.&nbsp.

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