Write a 6 pages paper on sexual discrimination and sexual harassment around the us. The importance of this topic is to understand how different people are affected because of sexual harassment, and how we, the society can influence the punishments given to the sex offenders, in order to protect ourselves from them. Firstly, we need to have a basic understanding of what sex discrimination is. Some people call it sexism, while others may call it male and female chauvinism. Sexism is a term that was formed in the late 20th century. It means the conviction, standpoint or viewpoint that one gender or sex is subordinate to or is less valuable than the other is. Sometimes sex discrimination is described at the organizational level, as a system or policy of treating male or female unfairly. Sex discrimination is also practiced to benefit either male or female, or simply because one’s sex or gender is thought to be inferior to the other (Cohn, 2000).

The word “sexism” was first used 30 years ago, but sex discrimination has happened long before that. One of the daily examples is sexual discrimination in the workplace, for example, sexual discrimination faced by nurses. A nurse could combine career and marriage, but careful planning is necessary to avoid sacrifice of either the career or marriage. marriage and children can greatly affect their job’s future (Cleland, 1971). Unlike men, women have to put their career at stake, as they have to choose between their family and career. In addition, women are given double responsibilities such as management of the home, bringing up of children and career building if they choose to carry on with their career development (Kelly and Dobbin, 1999).&nbsp. &nbsp.

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