You will prepare and submit a term paper on Shangrila Hotels and Resorts. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. It also had to face varied types of challenges that reduced its prosperity and brand image to a significant extent among many other rival players. Some of these challenges are described below:

a) In order to offer value-added services to its customers, the organizational management of Shangri_la decided to implement varied types of task-related training programs within the organization. As a result of which, all the staff of the organization including front-line, middle-level and senior-level managers acquired varied types of inventive skills and knowledge that improved the reputation and brand value of the organization. Along with this, the dedication power of the employees of the organization of Shangri_la also enhanced significantly thereby amplifying their level of performance and productivity of the organization (Franklin, 2003, pp. 212-242). Moreover, due to improved services of the staff, the level of loyalty and reliability of the customers enhanced that proved extremely effective for the organization of Shangri_la among other existing players.

b) Recruitment of skilled and qualified staff is also extremely essential to retain the customers for a longer period of time. Otherwise, due to the high-level of switchover costs of the customers, the rate of profitability and popularity of the organization of Shangri_la might get declined to result in a reduction of the brand identity and market share of the organization of Shangri_la. Along with this, proper delegation of duties is also another essential aspect of success. Otherwise, the organization may not prosper effectively in the markets outside Asia.

c) The organization of Shangri_la also had to face the problem to present high wages to its employees in the regions of Europe and North America.

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