Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Should Human Cloning Be Allowed. Cloning is a biotechnological method of producing genetically identical individuals of the same organism, artificially or naturally. Naturally speaking, cloning is present in our nature since day one. Reproduction in vegetations, binary fission in bacteria, and parthenogenesis in certain animals, as well as the birth of identical twins, are all examples of natural clones.

Artificially speaking, organisms can be produced identically through genetic advancements where reproduction is achieved asexually. Artificial cloning can be sub-classified as. molecular cloning, cellular cloning, and organism cloning or reproductive cloning. (Biology Online, 2012)

Very recent developments in this science have stirred this topic once again, and we are once again focused towards having a better understanding of this unique technology, hence we are going to analyze in detail, how cloning works, and what is the issue that should be taken in consideration to achieve the best results from this gift.

Molecular Cloning: In molecular microbiology, the process of replication and amplification of DNA fragment within a gene of a host organism is called molecular cloning. For this method, the word cloning is used because a single DNA molecule is replicated to produce a large inhabitant of cells with identical DNA molecules. In this process the two different organisms are used, one for extracting the DNA from and one which will act as a host in harvesting theses clones. This method of cloning serves as the basics of modern medicinal research. Cloning of DNA requires four basic steps. fragmentation, ligation, transfection, and screening or selection. Following these steps or vouching for some alternate route can be termed as a cloning strategy (Sambrook.and Green., 2012).

Cellular Cloning: Cell cloning means that a single cell is used to produce a population of cells. Cellular cloning of a uni-cellular organism like bacteria is very effortless it only requires proper inoculation, whereas cellular cloning of a multi-cellular organism is a tedious task and it requires a perfect medium for it too.

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