Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Should Single Sex Marriages Be Legal. This paper is about why single marriages should be legal and how making single-sex marriages illegal would amount to discrimination especially in today’s world where people are striving for equality everywhere. Making single-sex marriages legal bestows not only greater equality on single-sex couples but also removes the negative stigma attached to single-sex couples.

The debate about whether single-sex marriages should be legalized has been going on over the last few years and has created quite a furor. Several strong arguments for both sides of the issue have been put forward. To come to any conclusion it is necessary to look at the several different factors and issues that surface when we begin to consider single-sex marriage. Any marriage involves legal, social, economic, and religious issues. All of these issues are interrelated in some way or the other. It is equally important to consider the influence of the state on marriage, the effect of the decision of one state on another state and also how courts and the legislation deal with this subject. A look at all this and also the pros and cons of single-sex marriages will help us to arrive at a conclusion.

Many societies have yet to recognize single-sex marriages. A perusal of the various historical and anthropological records reveals a wide array of attitudes towards such marriages ranging from appreciation, praise, sympathy, toleration, to indifference and prohibition. For instance, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) in its briefs to both the California and Iowa Supreme Courts in support of marriage equality, stated that “Anthropological research on households, kinship relationships and families — across cultures and through time — provide no support whatsoever for the view that either civilization or viable social order depend upon marriage as an exclusively heterosexual&nbsp.institution.

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