Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Small Business Development in the Tourism Industry. It needs to be at least 1500 words. In addition, presently, it is easier to commence and run a business entity as entrepreneurship education and resources are freely and widely available. Contrary, in the past, numerous barriers to starting businesses existed. For instance, trade restrictions and the presence of obstacles to a free and competitive market just to mention but a few factors, made enterprising a difficult and overwhelming process.

In essence, entrepreneurship entails the action of bringing varying factors of production together particularly where a market gap exists so as to start a business venture that will ultimately bridge the identified market gaps as well as fetch profits. The 20th and 21st centuries have presented an exceedingly thriving market for small and medium-sized businesses in emerging as well as developed economies (MOSCARDO, G., 2008, 121). These markets are in particular widespread in the tourism and hospitality sectors. These two sectors have and continue to attract entrepreneurs due to their lucrative nature. Tourism and hospitality industries’ expansion has availed a means of boosting entrepreneurial activities. The growth witnessed in the tourism and hospitality sectors is a major part of policy support in various countries. For example, these two sectors remain key players for donor-assisted financial support and backing in many countries. Although relatively noteworthy exceptions of links between tourism, hospitality and entrepreneurship are yet to be adequately addressed, most of these links have already been served to subsequently provide evident synergies between the three subjects. Many countries have implemented policies that have helped advance the level of innovation and creativity among their populace. Such policies increase the potential of countries to boost their economic development through tourism entrepreneurship.

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