I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Social Justice: Territory and Ethnicity Affecting a City. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Due to the advent of globalization, the territorial compartments were facing several changes in its structure and on the social justice system. Globalization has also led to an increase in migration and created a notion regarding the borderless world. This has further created pressure with regard to the social justice system. The territorial concept is reducing currently due to the changing world affair and affecting the justice system. This has a major impact on sovereignty, great-power politics, and universalistic society (Kitching, 2010).

With regard to globalization, it is worth mentioning that migration increased and affected the growth and expansion of the economy in the 21st century. People today in the present day context are more aware of different cultures and ethnicity for better development. Globalization led to diversification, which led to various changes in the policies and social status of people. This affected the social justice conditions both in a positive and negative manner. People today are also aware of varied cultures and try to implement the best from every culture to make the world a better place to live (Kitching, 2010). This helps in creating a harmonious environment for people and enhances social justice conditions. However, it is observed that diversity and globalization sometimes bring in problems for the social justice system. A mix of culture and ethnicity has thus increased with the advent of globalization, which implies that in a single nation, there are people from various origins and cultures. Every country has its own culture and hence, every nation needs to adhere to these aspects. The concept of social justice is thus based on the aspects of socio-structural inequality and for the social benefits of the people (Kitching, 2010).

Social justice is a crucial aspect for the better health of the nation, people, and economy. Social justice affects the community for the enhancement of education, eradication of poverty, and social well-being.

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