Write a 6 pages paper on social work and human services. What I have never known however is theta there is a difference between reflection and critical reflection. According to O’Connor, et al. (2008), critical reflection deals more with emphasizing on power relations as well as teaching on the importance of domination structures in societies while reflection is basically about the diverse perspectives that knowledge has.

When thinking about critical reflection, therefore, it is important to remember that one is looking at the whole picture rather than just focusing on one dimension. Combining reflection and critical reflection, therefore, provides a diverse view of the dominant structures in society and the power they might be holding over the people. It is also important to dispel the assumptions that accompany critical reflection if changes are to take place in society or in an organization (D`Cruz, Gillingham & Melendez, 2007). Both reflection and critical reflection enable thinking to take place before action is undertaken.

Application of ethics when tackling everyday dilemmas and societal problems I have realized is not only fair but it is an indication of responsibility as well as avoiding harm to others. What I had failed to grasp however is the magnitude of ethics from the ethical laws and guiding principles to the moral principles, ethical theories and codes of ethics which are necessary to be considered when facing an ethical dilemma or issue.

According to Corey, Corey & Callanan (2010), what is necessary however in such a situation is to put aside all personal feelings and establish a professional identity and behavior. This means being competent and object when analyzing the situation and applying the moral and ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, justice as well as maleficence among others.

This application should cut across individuals or groups no matter the challenge at hand.

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