Write 6 pages thesis on the topic social work perspectives as applied to the movie john q. Although the movie indicates the realities concerning medical covers across the US, the social work perspective elements are applied to reveal the theme.

Social work perspectives explain different situations that happen to influence human behaviors. This is through the reactions that people show when something happens or when trying to come up with solutions. The systems, humanistic and conflict perspectives are among the various components of the social work perspectives. The elements of these theories are present in the movie in different ways through the actions of the characters.

This focuses on the positive reflection of being a human being with the characters possessed by an individual. For instance, it is always natural that human beings should be compassionate when dealing with health matters affecting children. This theory is central to the film when John Quincy decides to be violent in order to compel the hospital’s administration to procedure a heart transparent to this child. This is because of the hospital denying the procedure, citing the absence of enough funds offered in the medical insurance cover. It is only natural that parents or humans will also react in order to force their way into getting assistance in difficult situations. The rebellious nature possessed by John Quincy defines his humanistic approach to the happenings at the hospital (Duvall, 2002). This implies that a person’s current situation influences his or her character and determines the reactions. Similarly, the humanistic perspective indicates that humans have the urgency of self-help and are always responsible for their personal happiness or comfort (Hutchinson, 2014). John could not allow his son to suffer because of the hospital’s refusal to procure that transplant operation. As a result, he opted for violence by holding the staff and other people hostage until the transplant is over. This shows that he was responsible for the actions taken by the hospital to grant his family the relief of the son recovering from the medical condition.

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