Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Someone for Me by Jasmine Clayden and Mike Stein. The TAPUPA method of analysis used sough to explain: transparency, accuracy, pure positivity, utility, propriety and accessibility.

Carrying out a valid, reliable and accurate research can be a major challenge, time-consuming and expensive. The researcher should be able to keep the participant’s information confidential and disclose all vital information regarding the research to the parties involved. Any eventualities that should be expected during the research should also be disclosed. The research must also conform to legal requirements. The behaviour that is under research should not be stimulated to ensure that accurate results are recorded. Methods to be employed in data collection should be communicated to participants.

The accuracy of any research depends on the accuracy of the data collected and the effectiveness of methods used to collect data. Clayden employed appropriate methods to collect data on the sample population of the adolescents involved. Qualified and competent personnel were used to carry out the research this facilitated the collection of research data that is reliable (Stein & Clayden, 2005). The information that was collected included profile information of mentors and the youth, goals for mentoring, activities of mentors and their mentees and reasons for mentoring. Clayden also identified factors that would limit the research and how such limitations can be reduced.

This means the purpose for which the researcher undertakes the research. The research purpose must be achieved by all means. In this case, Clayden seeks to establish the purpose of mentorship. A mentor seeks to establish a relationship that is non-judgemental with the mentee where the mentor offers support and encouragement to the mentee. The purpose here is to give the mentee high self-esteem, encouragement and motivation as they transition towards independence.

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