Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses south korean films. &nbsp.Many genre films, including those of Bong Jun-ho as well as those that are overtly critical realists extensively address the political issues of South Korea (Scharia 195). However, the cultural and neoliberal economic policies adopted by the government in the late 1980s contributed to a near-collapse of the Korean film industry. Apparently, the authoritarian regime encouraged market deregulation and state decentralization, leading to a significant reduction of state intervention in economic affairs.

The film “Oldboy” by Park Chan-wook (2003) explores the turbulent, disorderly political life of South Korea. It is also a traumatized reaction to the country’s rather tumultuous postwar political life (Buckland 217). The director depicts the protagonist, Oh Dae-Su, as drunk and disrespecting law enforcement agencies. The film illustrates revenge or retribution as reflected in the actions of the protagonist. Dae-Su was locked in a certain hotel room for about fifteen years, lacking a clear knowledge of the motives of his captors. The protagonist hurts himself, raves, and obviously battles insanity during his incarceration. He engages in physical training while in prison with the intent of getting revenge someday (Buckland 217). Upon his release, Dae-Su discovers that he is still trapped in a web of violence and conspiracy. He falls for Mido, a good-looking sushi chef, a clear demonstration of his quest for vengeance being tied in with romance.

Overall, the film “Oldboy” is a revenge story hence ought to negotiate the long history of the genre. The protagonist quickly shifts focus to discovering the person or group that imprisoned him and the possible reason for it (Buckland 218). The reasonless incarceration of the film’s hero charted at the beginning of the film is a metaphor for deliberate repression of the past ordeals, or collective blackout, in the new capitalist republic of South Korea.&nbsp.

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