I need some assistance with these assignment. spectatorship and duchamp Thank you in advance for the help! Typically, Duchamp posits a duality of perception between the erotic, voyeuristic vision as seen in The Large Glass, and the calculated, analytical perception, such as the manner in which he would study the chessboard, which represents the cubist view in Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2.

Art, in Duchamp’s expression, must first represent the subjectivity inherent in the artists’ vision, which may be done stylistically or conceptually. In representing two types of vision, he also represented two types of thinking, the analytical and the erotic. In this primal duality, he could also posit the masculine and feminine symbolically. Thus, spectatorship is constructed cyclically through the artist’s own motivations to communicate giving cause to subjective style and distinctive articulation. The artistic method as a means to bridge this duality for the artist, but to communicate ideas effectively the audience’s perspective also must enter art in concept.

In Duchamp’s opinion, the artist’s relationship to the spectator may have been something like the beautiful woman in The Large Glass, constantly watched and courted through subtle gestures, meetings, and encounters. This is the basis of eroticism in art, and it is represented in the feminine aspects of being and sexuality. This is the feeling of the work, and its emotion, in relation to the logic, or analysis, represented by the masculine. In building cosmologies into his artistic expression, as humans had dome for millennia, Duchamp updates the primordial instincts of art to be contemporaneous with modernism.

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