Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Sports as a Unifying Factor and Epitome of Hope.

This is a collection of twenty-six pieces of articles that talk about sports and they include the inspiring tale by Thomas Lake about two softball players belonging to Pacific Northwest college who carried an opposing player around the bases after she had badly hurt herself whereby she hit her only career home run. In the text, there is also a disturbing examination or analysis of the brain trauma and consequent dementia that is also suffered by the NFL players regularly. In the article ‘No-Stats All-Star,’ in an otherwise ordinary college softball match, Central Washington University’s Mallory Holtman did something that even made mature individuals or adults break down to tears. When Sara Tucholsky, a rival player hit a home run, (the career first of the player), she seriously hurt her foot rounding the first base. However, the rules of baseball maintain that the home run hitter round all the bases for it to be counted. More significantly, the player would be disqualified if he or she is helped back to her feet by any of his or her teammates. Mallory stepped into this sticky situation. She asked a colleague to assist her in carrying Sara around the bases in an exceptional act of sportsmanship, which educed a half-facetious proposal for marriage from a man, aged seventy-four, a national awareness or knowledge of the sports’ human side, together with a YouTube-spiraled acknowledgment of unplanned and extraordinary act of this young man.

From this, we can see how sports play a critical part in uniting people, whereby even the players themselves show compassion for each other. It is true that& most competitions, some players usually forgo their chances of winning if they see one or many of the opponents injured to help them out.

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