Write 10 pages with APA style on Strategic Aims and Objectives of the UK City of Culture. The city of Swansea comprises a strong set of cultural heritages that have long been experienced to fascinate the attention of the global population. The abundance of wide-ranging attractive locations and visiting places has also been recognized to provide extensive support to ensure economic stability of the city and the nation as well (Douglas-Jones Mercer, 2014).

With reference to the current tourism attractions along with the cultural legacies of Swansea, from a critical point of view, the report tends to evaluate the strategic aims and objectives of the UK City of Culture through using different theories and research evidence. Moreover, the report also explores and evaluates whether the short-term event has a positive impact on the development of the community spirit, civic pride and tourism development of Swansea. In order to assess the impact, the report further tends to assess the influence of the UK City of Culture on community spirit along with the civic pride of the communities surrounding the city of Swansea.

The UK City of Culture is one of the celebrated honors or designations, intended for a city in response to its exhibition of cultural heritage along with credibility as a host to global tourists (Culture Company 2013 Ltd, 2013). In the past few years, there were a few UK cities, which have been recognized and honored with the title of the UK City of Culture, being competent enough in representing their unique cultural and artistic performances. The competition of selecting the first UK City of Culture was announced in the month of July 2009 with a total number of 14 UK cities. The festival is led by the UK Culture Company 2013, which announced Derry-Londonderry as the nation’s City of Culture 2013. There is a set of aims, which can be apparently recognized as related to the UK City of Culture festival (City of Culture 2013, 2013). Few of the major aims and objectives of the festival.

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