Write 7 pages with APA style on Surrogate Motherhood. In surrogate services, the mothers who serve to carry someone else’s child are normally very poor and illiterate. The strenuous moral principle in this kind of arrangement is in determining the real parents of a given child. In another realm, one sterile couple gets a child of their gene, while the surrogate mothers benefit from a service offered. The laws engulfing this do not fully incorporate the health of the surrogate women as it does to the child, according to some (NGO) (Twine 82). The truth is there is a lot of psychological pressure to these mothers and their unexplained pregnancy, and lies, not to mention the bedridden moments they have to experience alone in the period of pregnancy. Even the rate of $5000 to $7000 per day does not render this endangering practice a good economic harbor, though, to these mothers, it is.

Even though the Indian surrogate model receives a lot of credit for offering children to the sterile, many as equal do not approve of this proposition. The moral dilemma remains when one tries to deny the other the basic right to own a child from their hard-earned money simply because they do not subscribe to that and the right of that mother to benefit from utilizing her fertile womb and help others. This is a simple pleasure that the rich class enjoys, and the basic question here is whether every other couple (who do not feel the same way) or whoever needs a child should abandon the creator’s norm and bring forth children through surrogate motherhood. The moral choice here should be to make the surrogate motherhood an alternative and an option for the financially capable couples. This allows the institution of marriage to arrive at a competent decision as to which way should their son, daughter join their world. In this manner, the rights and the autonomy of choice of individuals would have come under safeguard, hence going hand in hand with the principle of beneficence (Connolly 67).

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