Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Technology in Interior Design. It needs to be at least 5500 words. The design of e-learning will target the customers, the navigation, objectives, motivation, media, and interaction. The design will work on the ideal step of implementing the programs including new courses in the interior field. In the documentation phase, there are several questions that need to be asked concerning the design and all the designers in the field will respond to them coming up with the best designs. The main reason for the paper is to identify the possible ways in which interior designers can work and design the information technology applications that will be used in the business world including the insecurity and protection of online services. With the research, we are going to understand the possible solution to the software and hardware changes in the information and technology sector.

Many people do not have much thought in interior design and do not see it as important as other things such as the architectural structure and other important aspects of a house. However, good interior design can be of a difference between a house and a home. If the house looks better, people may feel more comfortable and happy and even compliment the designers. Interior design may also add value to the house making it become marketer than other buildings. Good interior design involves more processes and applications than changing the carpet, having nice paintings, furniture and decorations. Professional interior designers consider the best option to bring out the beauty in a home by finding a balance through the right amount of lighting and getting the right size and color of a sofa. This makes the house and the goods and savings inside to be attractive. With the increasing use of technology, interior designers have more options to offer clients. The paper illustrates the new technology techniques applied in the interior design project. Interior design involves most of the design that needs critical knowledge.

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