omplete 12 pages APA formatted article: The Analysis of Films. Both, Arthur Agee and Isiah Thomas are from poor backgrounds what found to the major obstacle in realizing their dreams. Agee lives on Chicago South Side while Gates lives in the Gabrini project. S.t Joseph’s School located in West Suburban Westchester sponsors the two kids because of their great talent. However, the school is a ninety-minute walk from the kids’ homes and the film shows how they used to walk very early in the icy winter mornings to school. This demonstrates their determination of hearts. In addition to walking, the school also expects the parents to pay a small part of tuition fee which is hard to produce due to poverty. Watching what the two characters go through I felt sad but still anticipated that all will be well.

Both the families, though positive and supportive, they are times unable to pay. For instance, in most cases, gates fees are paid by a member of the booster club because the parents are not in a position to. At this point, you would think this is too much only to get sadder when Arthur is forced to drop out of school after both his parents lose their jobs. The struggle and determined demonstrated by his mother only to get $268 food money a month will intrigue you to appreciating your life. Finally, the joy that one feels at the end of the film, when kids make it in life as well as their families, is a phenomenon. The movie inspired me to have the determination and a strong will to achieve my goals regardless of the obstacles.

‘The Natural’ is a film based on baseball, a game I believe one would grow to love after watching this movie. It is written by a renowned sportswriter Max Mercy. The film revolves around Roy Hobbs who has had difficulties in his life and fate waits for his baseball performance. Right from the introduction of the movie, I felt sorry for Roy and all I thought was no kid should ever go through such hard times. Hobbs had a childhood sweetheart, Iris Gaines, but unfortunately, he had an accident that made him not to hear from her for years. The separation was one of the many misfortunes in his life that to me seemed unfair.

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