Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Attempts Made By Any Third Cinema Filmmaker To Rewrite Their Own Histories Via Their Work. It needs to be at least 2250 words. It will not be too much to ask whether a person who is a film director has been able to find a new meaning in his passion for film making, especially when we take the singular case of Sergio Bianchi.

In order to understand what Bianchi achieved through his works of film making, we have to start out by understanding Third Cinema from the core. Third Cinema was a term used to depict films that came from directors of developing countries and were devoid of the dramatic extravaganza of Hollywood (also called First Cinema) and Second Cinema (those that came from the European Union and were more directly derived from the theater). Directors who began the trend of making Third Cinema include names like Rocha, Santos, Sembene, Ghatak, Ray, and Sen. These directors did not believe that the imperial predators and colonial powers were not the only ones defining movie making. Instead, they laughed at the excessive drama portrayed in Hollywood movies and called them phony films. The main aim of these directors was to portray real life as well as they could, through gripping storylines filmed using aesthetics that depicted the reality of the situation, rather than the attempt to make-believe as was prone in theater and movie industry in those days.

There were a host of stylistic devices that were used in these movies that set them apart from the rest of the creations in the film world. Yes, although most of these movies were made in different countries, the final outcomes were more or less structured on similar devices, something that led the Third Cinema frontier to grow stronger by the day. While Rocha was of the idea that film-makers who wanted to experiment with different film making styles went into creating Cinema Novo as it was often called in those days, most critics maintain that the development of Third Cinema came from the need to depict reality on celluloid and not recognize the sovereignty of Hollywood moviemakers and movie making styles.

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