Write 25 pages with APA style on The Brand of Leisure Hotel and Chinese Customers. The secondary data collection involves collecting suitable information from relevant journals, articles and other published works. The primary data collected from the respondents is suitably analyzed and interpreted to present findings from the collected information. The research process also involves adequate consideration being given to the secondary data to make the findings and interpretations more accurate and relevant to the practical perspectives. The findings from the research indicate that majority of the Chinese travelers prefer branded leisure hotels over unbranded hotels for their accommodation purposes while traveling. Also, the aged population group of Chinese travelers seems to have an unmovable preference for staying in branded hotels. Both the business travelers and leisure travelers from China are identified to consider the brands of leisure hotels while choosing the hotels. An associated fact is found out that the high preference shown by the Chinese travelers towards staying in luxurious and premium hotels have made it necessary for the international hotels to devise new service facilities and look into the details of service and product offerings in their hotel chains.

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