Need an research paper on the concept of stereotypes. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. It further analyses the moral permissibility of inaccurate stereotypes in the media. Finally, it shows the threshold beyond which the portrayal of stereotypes is unjustified in the entertainment industry.

Deontological stereotypes judge actions depending on how they are aligned with laws or rules. It focusses on the obligation in actions rather than the goals achieved through such actions. Kantianism is a part of deontological stereotypes. It claims that the motive in an action is more important than the goal. Any act is good or bad depending on qualification. For example, the act of rejoicing at the misery of another person is not pleasure, since it is ethically wrong. This is the opposite of consequentialism because good intentions can result in bad outcomes. Also, bad intentions may result in good outcomes. Deontological stereotypes are the opposite of consequential stereotypes.

Mass media plays a pivotal critical role in the modern world through entertainment. It consists of television, press, radio, books and the Internet. Though the Internet is developing at a higher rate than the other media, the rest have much influence on people. The media can manipulate people’s attitudes, perceptions and opinions. One of the stereotypes that should not be shown is the gender stereotype. Despite its use in advertising to persuade the public to purchase services and products, this stereotype can be harmful (Maarten J. V. Peters, 2006).

In modern society, gender roles are difficult to discern due to gender stereotypes. From a long time ago, different gender roles have been adopted. The patriarchy model has been the standard family for a long time. This is where men are the breadwinners of the family. They provide financially, are assertive, independent and career focussed. Women, on the other hand, have occupied low positions of loving wives and mothers.

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