I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Concept of Tourism Supply. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Mostly, different sectors are involved in the tourism supply.

Tourism supply, as a component, refers to the aggregate of all businesses that are involved in providing services to enhance pleasure and leisure in the visited environment. Tourism supply is classified into four components namely transportation, built environment, cultural resources and hospitality. The natural resources include the air, flora and fauna, natural beauty, terrain, and water supply. Transportation incorporates items such as airplanes, ships, buses and other infrastructure that involve delivery. The transportation component is linked with the built environment in a complementary manner because the built environment involves the roads, water supply systems, parks, hotels and communication networks. In addition, the hospitality and cultural component summarize the people as the resource in facilitating successful tourism from their history, courtesy, friendliness and the welcoming spirit (Sinha 2008). Every component is as important as the next in facilitating tourism supply. The process, of producing tourism products, involves the input of land, capital and labor, facilities, the output of services toward the final output of different experiences.

The tourism industry is distinct in that it is consumed by a population that is mobile while the accompanying supply elements are fixed geographically at different locations in different quantities and quality. As a result, businesses should sink a greater amount of capital costs into incorporating different forms of tourism services and centers of production that the destinations appeal to the tourists. There lies its complex nature in crossing the link between the different sectors to accomplish success in creating and offering the required services. The above-mentioned components are usually required separately.

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