I will pay for the following article The Counterfeiters. The work is to be 11 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The reality of human nature as one faces moral problems is an inherent quality that we cannot escape, particularly if we are faced with choices under abnormal circumstances. “The Counterfeiters” brings a new perspective on the people that seem inconsequential but make the ultimate difference and how their choices bring about the consequences that may reasonably alter the course of history. Consequently, flooding the market with counterfeited bills of the enemy is a viable plot to sway the war, but this intangible notion of a mere possibility in the eyes of prison workers is secondary to the threat of imminent death. The film presents us inadvertently with an alternate scenario where the dollar was forged earlier and the Nazis could have stood a better chance of winning the entire war. “The Counterfeiters” shows us that the infamous concentration camps of World War II, just as fundamentally as history itself, are made up of people, people, and their choices.

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