I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Decline of the Traditional Nuclear Family. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The paper is going to analyze the decline of the Traditional Nuclear Family.

Elementary family is a family that consists of a pair of adults. a husband and a wife together with their children. This is typically the basic family unit known in many of the cultures. It is compact and small. The roles are clearly set out. the father is the sole provider for the family unit as well as the protector. The father also stands out as the disciplinarian and a role model. The woman takes care of the household chores and is active as a mother to the children by looking after them. This shows that it is based on a heterosexual relationship (Brym and Lie 2010).

In recent years, this setting of the family has undergone so many changes due to some factors that have been introduced to society. This transformation has taken place slowly for decades due to increasing rates of divorce leading to single-parent units, remarriages resulting in extended family units (Popenoe 2008).

Characteristics of the traditional nuclear family should be of monogamous state, and heterosexual. All the members hold their responsibilities asset. In another family setting like the extended families, other members end up taking up some of the responsibilities in the family. The size of a nuclear family is small and very intimate to one another. This is because it is built with romance (Brym and Lie 2010). The emotional component is also practised here where all the members are able to learn to manage emotions such as love, fear, anger and disappointment.

The nuclear family today may have declined due to the diversity of the western societies who practised other forms of relationships (Popenoe 2008). These new family structures have been spreading rapidly over the decades to the other parts of the globe. This has influenced their states and transformed them thoroughly.&nbsp.

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