Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Events Industry. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In this study, a report will be presented in relation to the business/trade event sector. The report will be intended towards the presenting to a new events based company Phoenix Event Planning which is looking forward to diversify into business/trade sector of event industry. Historical Development Event management is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. It includes hosting of numerous events of distinct stature. It has been noted that arranging for birthday parties and weddings is considered as one of the social issues that needs to be managed by the trained professionals (JuliaSilvers, 2011). It was identified by UK Events Market Trends Survey (UKEMTS) that the revenues generated by the event management companies in the years 2006-2008 had been 7.2 billion. The event industry of the UK presents numerous career opportunities. There are various organisations that tend to deliver the events such as the corporate companies, agencies, publishing companies, venues and festivals (Leicester Shire Promotions, 2010). There are large companies who have an in-house event team such as in banks, retail companies and automotives. Most of the organisations conduct numerous events all over the year such as conferences, management meetings, customer focused events and external events such as sports and arts. Venues in the UK are capable of offering themselves as an event venue. Even at the publishing companies, there are live events that are generally conducted all through the year. With the greater scope in the event management sector, most of the companies are entering into the event management industry. One of them has been Phoenix Event Planning that entered into the markets of the UK, Lancashire in the year 2008 and is providing its services all around the UK. It aims at providing tailored services to its clients (FreeIndex, 2011). It has been noted that since the past three years the company has organised numerous parties, weddings and events for different clients (Pheonix Event Planning, n.d.). It can be mentioned that the company is already into social events and cultural events. In planning to diversify into a new sector. the company can enter into business/trade shows. Tradeshows can also be known as exhibitions where the traders are allowed to demonstrate regarding their latest products to the public. Trade shows are conducted at a continuous basis by all the markets and thus tend to attract the members of the public. Exhibition has been into existence since a long period of time and the first trade show took place approximately 2500 years ago (Pyramid Visuals, n.d.). It has been noted that huge amount of money is spent in business or tradeshows/exhibitions by the marketers every year. The tradeshow organisers are providing learning contents, consultative opportunities and demonstration theatres as few of the main characteristics of the events. The companies as well take benefits of the opportunities (Conventions, 2011). Demographic Profiling It has been noted that for executing a major event, it takes almost 150 hours for an event planner as well as the staffs of the planner to execute a major event. There are innumerable numbers of business/trade events that are held in the United Kingdom. Most of the business/trade shows take place twice in a year as well.

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