Compose a 1500 words assignment on the film to live. Needs to be plagiarism free! The film provides some of the best depictions of what happened during the Great Leap forward, the civil war and the Cultural Revolution, all of which are a part of China’s history. By providing the viewers with this story through the eyes of a family Yimou (1994) was able to bring out the lives of ordinary Chinese people as they coped with the hard times.

The first large-scale historical event presented in the film is the Chinese civil war. In the first scenes, viewers learn that Xu Fugui, who is one of the main characters in the film, loses his family property to another gambler Mr. Long’er (Yimao, 1994). In the film, Master Fugui is depicted as a habitual gambler who gambles his home away despite his wife Jiazhen or Mrs. Xu, going to get him when he is in the processes of gambling. In the next scene, Jiazhen is seen leaving Master Fugui, who has just lost their property. Master Fugui realizes his mistake and decides to reunite with his family but now as a poor man. He decides to start a shadow puppet troupe as his new means of earning an income for his family. This is evidenced in the scene where he borrows money from the gambler who won but is only given one of his old possessions, puppet props. As Master Fugui and his friend Chunsheng continue with the street performance of the puppet troupe, viewers are taken to another scene where the film shows the Chinese Civil War taking place (Yimao, 1994). It is at this scene that Fugui and his friends have to stop as commanded midway by soldiers through their performance.

The soldiers were supporters of the Republic of China or the Kuomintang were fighting the communists (Fairbank & Goldman, 2006). This is noted in the statement by one of Fugui’s friends after they were captured. In this scene, viewers are able to learn about the effects of the civil war on ordinary people like Fugui and his friend Chunsheng (Yimao, 1994).

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