Write 11 pages with APA style on The Film Wall Street. Every senior stockbroker in the country works in Wall Street and therefore owes their wealth to their engagements and contacts at Wall Street.

The lowly position that Bud Fox plays at the company initiates an intrapersonal conflict within himself. He desires wealth and often ruminates how best and fast he can become a wealthy business mogul at Wall Street. The initial imagery in the film provides a perfect contrast in the life of lowly employees in the stock brokerage industry to the flamboyant life of their wealthy counterparts in higher positions in the same company. The images help develop the initial personality of Bud Fox. He lives a lowly life working as a junior stockbroker at an equally small company. However, the fact that he interacts with other senior stockbrokers with the initial scenes flashing the features of the high society where the likes of Gordon Gekko stay ignites his desire for success.

The imagery and the artistic portrayal of the major themes in the film ignite aggression in the main character, Bud Fox. Bud is an aggressive character who seeks the finer things in life. As such, the personality informs most of his actions as he sets out in the film to achieve all the things he desires. The shot-by-shot portrayal of Bud portrays an individual in transition. His dissatisfaction with his lowly position is among the factors that sustain his aggression and desire to meet his Gordon Gekko his idol whom he believes will help him achieve his goals in life. Bud knows what to do and how to do it at every stage. He, therefore, approaches Gekko at his private birthday party and offers him an appropriate gift. Such were his strategies that prove vital in securing him an interview with the celebrated senior stockbroker.

The main theme in the film is greed.

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