I need some assistance with these assignment. the films avalon, ghost in the shell 2 and metropolis Thank you in advance for the help! This film also relates to the effects of technology on humans, some effects leave the player in a technologically simulated game catatonic (Ruh 218).

Mise-en-scene and cinematic’s are not appealing to the eye. The future is portrayed as gloomy, in an imaginary town in Europe. This contrasts the current Europe, which is among the first world countries, live in action for twenty-four hours in a day the whole year-round. Visuals of this film depict a chaotic and dirty town, computer games have lost their innocence, turning out to be an addictive form in which large sums of money are won.

Animation on this film takes a reverse from the traditional technology through which artistic control took over control of how the films looked like. This film theme on technology is wholeheartedly pessimistic, portraying the adverse effects of modern technology in the future, where young people have enslaved themselves to computer games. Winning is all that matters to them, as these young people seek escape from the real humdrum everyday existence (Ruh 218).

In reference to the four points stylistic, there are four varying styles in this film, depicting various aspects of this film. One of the levels depicted is the “real world”. Here, Avalon’s first shots are showcased by the use of unsteady camera movements. This reminds the users of war zones reports. This paper understands this to mean the constant war that the different classes of Avalon is under, as implied by immediacy to the scenes. Close-ups and medium-shots leave the audience desiring to see more and the sounds bring to the closure of episodes, and the cinematography is at their best (Ruh 218). In the real world, this film draws attention to the main character by transmitting static shots, depicting the uneventful lives in this world. This uneventful is viewed in Ash life, lives alone, with no contact with other people. Her life activities are cooking meals and playing with her dog.

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