Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses the films by jean-luc godard. Even if it seems that the films are absolutely apolitical, the director in some or other manner tries to allude to particular political reality. Being a representative of radical realism trend, Jean-Luc Godard also admitted that the majority of modern political films are shot with low quality, so it is necessary to search for “new relations and new links between the sound and image” that should help to analyze the social and political situation (Lesage, 1983: 52). In this view he suggested an “ideological reevaluation of cinematography” (Lesage, 1983: 53) based on the revolutionary and ideologically significant principles of absurdist theatre, Brechtian realism, creating “deconstructive” and non-linear film form, Marxism-Leninism, modernism, specific politically-oriented aesthetics, and many other. However, in general, Godard pointed out two main “fronts” of his cinematographic “struggle”: “revolutionary political content and perfect artistic form” (Lesage, 1983: 54). The “perfect artistic form” is a key notion to understanding Godard’s famous saying about “making not political films but making films politically” (Godard, 1970: 1).

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