Need an research paper on the first immortal cell line. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. They went up in the first-ever spaceship sent out of the earth’s atmosphere to determine what happened when human tissue was exposed to zero gravity. Her cells live on, and since 1951 her cells have been used for in vitro fertilization, gene mapping, and cloning. Henrietta’s cells, when first put in a petri dish produced a new generation every twenty-four hours. HeLa cells, as Lacks cells have come to be known were initially a part of the research into the genes that are cancer-causing and the ones that can suppress it. They have so far been used in developing drugs for the treatment of leukemia, herpes, hemophilia, influenza and Parkinson’s disease. They have also provided the basis to study and learn more about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), lactose digestion, the bacteria that causes appendicitis, human longevity, mosquito mating, along with the negative cellular effects of working in sewers. Scientists have studied her cells for her DNA and chromosomes in such detail that they are now familiar with every niche and corner of the spiral that keeps replicating to keep the cells alive. (Skloot, R. 2010 )A high school biology teacher quoted that HeLa’s cell was the most important thing to happen to medical science in the past century.

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