Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the globalization of india. More specifically, India’s proximity to Pakistan, adequacy of resources, manmade projects, displacement, rebellions, skirmishes, repression through art, climate, corruption, disruptive innovations, and green efforts influence the country’s globalization.

According to Baldev Raj Nayar, questioning the nature of globalization in India, its causes, patterns, and effects are important for gaining a deeper insight into how it influences its economy, politics, and foreign affairs (Nayar 41). Nayar also questions policies that could emphasize or weaken the effects of globalization in India. The article finds these questions part of the all-encompassing system for readers. The article introduces a wide summary of the nature and advancement of economic globalization and India’s response to it politically (106). The article sources provide a broad array of perspectives and comprise five wide sections.

In “India’s Globalization: Evaluating the Economic Consequences,” Nayar provides a thorough, critical analysis of the economic impacts of the globalization of India (Nayar 16). The article assesses rivaling assertions regarding the support and opposition of globalization in different nations. This assessment occurs through a systematic exploration of India as a rigorous case study. The article investigates the incorporation of India into the global economy on the dimensions of the flow of commodities and services, capital, and migration (26). Nayar further defines three-wide eras of India’s most recent economist past, which are the era before liberalization, sporadic, incremental liberalization, and after the revolution towards an external-based economic policy. The article discovers that rather than economic stagnation, India experienced a rise in its average yearly rate of economic growth (25). Rather than deindustrialization, India experienced industrial expansion.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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