Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the gospel according to st matthew by pasolini. To this end, this paper will investigate in what ways Pasolini achieves compatibility between his understanding of Marxism and the Gospels.

Earlier versions of cinematic representations of Jesus Christ, especially during the silent era, depicted him as an unearthly and distant being, almost inhuman. However, Pasolini took full advantage of the emergence of sound to set a precedent for the way Jesus Christ is viewed cinematically. The spectacular pictures seen in films are often taken for granted by audiences, not acknowledging and appreciating the challenges of creating natural, authentic and fresh images. Marxism typically views religion as a tool used to oppress the working class by the ruling class and, at the same time, a kind of rebellion the working class uses to protest against their difficult economic circumstances (Raines 2002, p 93). The general perception of both Christianity and Marxism is that communism is not compatible with Christianity. However, Pasolini manages to achieve compatibility between the Gospels, and hence Christianity, through his understanding that Marxism, as a materialist ideology, is secular and opposes any spirituality. This paper will show how he achieves compatibility.

The compatibility aspect of The Gospel According to St Matthew may most noticeably be seen from its endorsement by the Vatican as well as its dedication to Pope John XXIII’s memory (Raines 2002, p 100). Then, the film largely acknowledged the Catholic concepts about Christ. The key critique found in the gospel regarding Marxism is that traditional materialism is not compatible with the doctrines of Christianity like, for example, the reality of materials beyond matter, such as the spirit. Pasolini was exceptional in his ability and strategy to pick scenes from canonized texts and convert them into factual images.

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