Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the heat. The movie “The Heat” starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy both deconstructs and perpetuates ideologies of gender roles in action movies predominately played by male actors using radical and liberal feminist characters to break the “male buddy cop” system.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy had to play the role of cops and face the uphill challenges in male-dominated workplaces. Policing has been one of the old functions in the society by which male has to be the primary character in dealing with issues concerning peace and order. However, the movie “The Heat” was trying to defy the conventional way of looking at what policing is all about. In fact, the movie is a depiction of an issue trying to convey the message of equal employment laws and policies. By using the characters of Bullock and McCarthy in the movie playing the role of police officers, there is a silent message that women are capable too of doing what men can do, specifically in the area of policing. The movie is trying to convey the ideology of equal opportunity for men and women when it comes to areas where the traditional view would agree that being male-dominated is the normal perspective that society should consider. In fact, the movie “The Heat” is trying to depict this view when there are a series of challenges that the main characters should have to face in the male-dominated workplace.

In reality, the police department is a male-dominated workplace, and having their ways in there, the characters of Bullock and McCarthy in the movie should be a substantial change or divergence in the way how the society in the past considered the capability of women compared to men when employed in this environment. In fact, there is a prevailing thought within the criminal justice system that women police are different, which eventually continuously created the conflict within the police organization and even led women to lower ranks in this area, but the acceptance of what social service is all about has been made possible by the tolerance of the doctrine that women are different but more humanistic than men (Garcia, 2003).&nbsp.

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