The topic for this research paper is “The History of Terrorism.” This assignment should contain two separate attachments (the draft introductory paragraph and thesis, and the actual research paper).

Students will submit a draft introductory paragraph and thesis statement for their research paper. The submission should be consistent with the thesis guide (Developing Your Thesis), which has a link below, and in the assignment instructions.

Research Paper InstructionsThe final paper is a formal paper and the text should adhere to latest edition of APA style. That means a title page, page numbers in the running heading, and an alphabetized and properly formatted reference list. This is a research paper and requires in-text citations and proper use of quotation marks for all cited material. You should have at least 6, and preferably 8 to 10, references, which are cited within the text. It is not enough just to list sources in the bibliography. The paper should be more than 1500 words but no more than to 2000 words (excluding the front matter and reference list). Papers submitted with less than 1500 words are considered non-responsive and may not be graded.The research paper should adhere to a consistent format, described below.� Typewritten in double-spaced format, except discussion forums with a readable style and font and submitted inside the electronic� A reference list for all outside references used, including the textbook� Arial or Times New Roman styles, 11 or 12-point font� Page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side = 1 inchPLEASE NOTE THAT PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED PAPERS, OR PREVIOUS WORK MAY NOT BE USED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. IF USED, THE GRADE IS AN AUTOMATIC ZERO.IN ADDITION, ENCYCLOPEDIAS MAY NOT BE USED AS SOURCES FOR THE RESEARCH PAPER.

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