Need help with my writing homework on The Idea of Meme. Write a 2250 word paper answering; The transmission of ideas from person to person, or culture to culture.

In science class, back when we were in school, we were taught that our genes are what indicate what our hair color would be, how tall we would be, and what our other physical features were. We were taught that they were passed on from our parents and that our genes are unique. no one had the same genes as ours. This is what indicated what we would turn out to be physically, but it is generally accepted that they do not have much effect on how we think, nor how we are as people. Richard Dawkins tried to explain this in his theory regarding the “meme”. He explained how though patterns travel and how they survive time, and after his explanation, there have been others who have tried to either justify or contradict the meme, its validity, and measurability. This paper’s aim is to look at Dawkins’ theory, as well as other sources, and provide further insight into the topic of the meme. It will also provide a definite statement as to whether the meme is a valid phenomenon or not. It will be presented here as such:

In reviewing Dawkins’ paper, “Memes: The New Replicators,” we can see that he compares the meme to the gene in terms of similar use. He also sees both as replicators but with the act of replicating different things. the gene is responsible for replicating human physical traits while the meme, in charge of replicating our ideas. He presents the gene as the primary, known, and initially accepted replicator for our world. He stresses that life maintains it’s self and evolves by replication, and this process has mostly been dominated by the gene on our planet, but he also presents that lately, another kind of replicator has emerged and is available for scrutiny. He declares this new replicator is human culture and tried to give it a name and thus, a term that projects the theory’s message.

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